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Infinite Ammo knows that you need a variety of optics and scopes on the shooting range or hunting ground. We have brought the best of the best tools to help you get that accurate shot. We provide you with scopes for assault and sniper rifles and holographic sights to use with compatible guns. The long-range scopes are perfect for getting your game from long distances, as they magnify the view to help you keep your eye on the prize. Meanwhile, tactical scopes and holographic sights ensure a clear and optimized view of the area.

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SIG Juliet4 Magnifier Offers Extended Effective Range

The Juliet4 from SIG is a definite fan favorite and certainly one of the best magnifiers you can mount on a rifle. It offers optimum clarity with no green or red hue. It’s very easy to mount and features built-in recoil lugs that provide a rock-solid mount when needed and easy removal.

The Juliet4 Magnifier is designed to work as a stand-alone magnification solution or in conjunction with reflex optics. When paired with your favorite reflex optic, you can adjust the height of this magnifier by using spacers. It has a 90-degree mount, allowing you quickly flip it to the side for more immediate, close-quarters scenarios and return to bring other targets four times closer.

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Find Target Easily and Quickly

If you’re a hunter or security personnel, you must have faced or will face situations where you have to find your target quickly to get a shot. Infinite Ammo provides you with a wide range of scopes and sights to help in these critical situations. 

The optics we have for you magnify the view quickly and provide you with an up-close view of your targets. Get the ones you need today to have a better hunting and shooting experience.

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