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Infinite Ammo has always worked to be known as a reliable and trustworthy gun ammo and accessories store. The variety, quality, usability, and durability we offer with our products ensure that our customers know us that way. You can get scope mounts, lasers, and mounting rails with just a click of a button. All these products are tested for functionality and durability to provide an optimized hunting and shooting experience. Our tools and accessories are suitable for gun owners from every walk of life, such as military, law enforcement, professional or amateur hunting, and recreational shooting. 

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Leupold Alumina Flip-Back Scope Cover

Securing your scope lens is extremely important to keep it working perfectly for a long time. The Alumina flip-back cover from Leupold does exactly that as it doesn’t allow even a single dust particle to pass through to the lens when its lid is closed. Leupold has constructed it through aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure that it is robust and durable. 

The cover holds on tightly to the scope with the help of triple O-ring seals, making it air-tight. Meanwhile, the lid has strong neodymium magnets to ensure the same thing and keep the lens safe and secure. 


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Leupold ScopeSmith Rifle Scope Cover

Protecting your rifle scope from damage and dirt should be one of your primary concerns when it comes to looking after your gun. Using the Leupold rifle scope cover is among the best ways to cover the whole optic from one end to the other. 

It is made of nylon-laminated neoprene, making it water-resistant and ensuring that the scope is fully protected from all harmful elements. That way, the optic stays new for a long time.

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