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Our collection of vests and armor plates are tested for durability, reliability & ease of use to provide you with ultimate protection when you need it most.The vests we provide come with a lighter weight plate carrier with padded, adjustable shoulder straps designed with removable cummerbund that allows for more maneuverability and wear with front and back plates.We carry a range of armor plates that are capable of withstanding impact from various calibers. Select a vest and plate level that fits your needs and top it off with one of our quality ballistic helmets. You’re in good hands.

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Level lll Hard Armor Plate

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Level IV- 5.2lbs Multi Hit Plate

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Dual Threat Armor Panels IIIA(soft armor)

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11×14 Tactical Vest – Accepts 11×14 Armor Panels Black

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Tactical Vest W Cummerbund

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MICH Ballistic Helmet (Level IIIA)


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